This website is a large scale machine learning experiment running on GPUs and making use of deep learning. Relying on user comments from Reddit, I built a neural network model that predicts how likely a comment is in response to another comment. This model can also be used to generate new comments in response to user input, sometimes generating hilarious results due to the source of the training material. I thought it would be fun to enable anyone to play with this model - as a result Comment.ai was born in March 2017.

Currently I'm only using 80 million comments from 2014, 2015 and 2016 focusing on short interactions. Even using powerful GPUs, it can take months to go through the training process. But I will soon expand this to more comments and incorporate feedback from users of this website in the next iteration. This is why I need your help: please rate good computer answers by clicking on the up arrows in the feedback bars.

Finally, many thanks go out to Reddit user stuck_in_the_matrix, who scraped nearly all available Reddit comments and put them on archive.org.